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Before starting to sell your photos, make sure to have your account verified by confirming your email address and connecting your PayPal email in the app.

To add your PayPal (in the app):


1) go to the menu in the app and click on the "Settings"

2) once you're there choose "Cash out settings"

3) in "Cash out settings" enter your PayPal email twice, e.g. if your PayPal email is "[email protected]" then you would have to enter "[email protected]" in the top field and confirm it by entering the same "[email protected]" in the bottom field.

On iOS

1) Go to menu of the app and click on “Withdraw money”. 
2) Then click on "Withdraw now" and you should be able to enter your PayPal email there. If you want to change your PayPal email click on the gear icon on the same screen.

You can earn money using our app in five ways:

1) Add any photos to your profile, caption and tag them and wait for someone to spot them and buy them from you. For one sold photo you get $5.
2) Join specific Missions, which provide specific tasks. Rewards range from $100 to $2500 dollars. These Missions require unique and great photos in order for them to be picked as the winners.
3) Add photos of others to your album (photos which you think might be bought by someone) and hope that someone who's searching for an exact photo will find it in your album. For each photo you've added that will be bought through your album you get 0.25 ct per photo.
4) Add photo to Getty Missions (provided any of Getty Missions is currently running). Even if you don't win a Mission your photo can still be transferred to Getty if it follows all of the requirements from Getty (simply because of adding it to a Getty Mission).
If your photo gets accepted by Getty it will be available there for sale, meaning, if someone buys it from there, you will get an appropriate commission. Commission varies and its size depends on a price that is set there, but all in all, you get 50 % of what goes to Foap.
5) Some of your photos might be selected to be transferred to our partners platforms (Adobe, Alamy and ShutterStock) and become available for sale there. Our Content Team is using special algorithms to select best photos for a transfer. If your photo gets selected and sold on our partner platform(s) you will be notified about it. Also, if you don't want your photos to be available for sale on any of these platforms, please feel free to reach out to us and inform us about it.

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