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How to withdraw money and when will I get it?



  • saraya Liu


  • foto.migawki

    Currently, waiting for payment for 4 months... 

  • Artur

    Hey, foto.migawki! Thank you for your feedback and I apologize for the delay in processing payments. Our delay was caused by unforeseen changes in PayPal's policies, which caught us off guard.  

    However, we're happy to say that we have made the necessary changes to our app and everything should be back to normal. We already started processing delayed payments, and by the end of the week, the majority of them should be deposited into your and other Foapers' PayPal accounts. 
    Thank you for your patience, have a nice day!
  • Maham Ibrahim

    Hey. Is the withdrawal method still paypal only? If so kindly add payoneer as another withdrawal method as paypal is not available in a lot of countries

  • Stephny Boy

    Hello. I still haven't received my payment that was due on the 1st of July. I'm getting no responses via email. Please help.

  • saazc

    I haven't got my payment it's due on 1st September 2023. I mailed you so many time but got no reply.

  • marmadation

    هل يتم تحويل علي بايننس

  • Bridget baby

    Bridget baby


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