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Free Foap Coins for active Foap Plus users



  • Chad v

    I'm still very much new to this concept. No I am a friend Creator photographer whatever you know I'm trying to make money off my photos I've submitted them I've actually ended up having one of them get picked and the weekly mission which I got picked for and I can't figure out how to unlock the premium missions. I've have I bought coins and I still can't figure it out I can't figure out how to even become a plus member to be included with this and also when I when I sign in between the app and the actual internet it's the same the same thing account but yet not everything that's on my app account is on there cuz saying that I don't have coins on that I'm just trying to reach out for any type of help that I can get if anybody can help me at all and thank you I appreciate it

  • Artur

    Hi Chad! Thanks for the comment, it's great to have you in the community!

    First of all - Foap Plus. When you join a mission (any mission) and upload a photo, it must be on-brief and of good quality. Our curation team is looking for every published photo, and if it fits described above requirements - they will make you Foap Plus user, and you will be notified by email. Be patient, please :) If you are active and joining missions, it should take only a few weeks to be noticed.

    Premium missions - to join it, you need first to unlock it with Foap Coins. Open the mission and tap Unlock. Confirm to use your Foap Coins, and from now, this Premium Mission will work just as a regular mission - tap Join and upload a photo to get into the contest.

    If you don't have any Foap Coins yet, there are a few ways to get them easily:

    Good luck!


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