How to join a Premium Mission?

Angelika -

It's really simple!

Firstly, make sure you're using an updated version of Foap app for Android or iOS phone. Afterwards, find a Premium Mission you want to join in "Missions" section of our app and unlock upload by using Foap Coins.

Okay! Where can I get these Foap coins?

You will be able to earn Foap Coins by:

  1. Watching Video Ads in our app - simply click "Unlock" once you're in the Premium Mission, then "Get Foap Coins" and click "Watch now" or click on "Foap Coins" tab in main menu of the app and click "Watch now". Each Ad will earn you 5 Foap Coins.
  2. In case you want to skip the hassle, you can simply get them on our website.

I have the coins, what now?

Go to our app, open "Missions" section, choose the Premium Mission you want to join and click "Unlock" and then choose "Pay" to unlock the upload for the Mission using the Foap Coins you have. Once you've done it you will be able to upload 1 photo to a Mission.

After you've unlocked the upload, upload a photo using the below way:

  1. Click "Join Mission" (on iOS) button or a circled "+" icon (on Android) and choose a photo to upload. You can only upload 1 photo at a time.
  2. Once you've uploaded the photo, add all of the required information (add caption i.e. description, add at least 5 tags and answer legal questions). You change the information later in the "Manage photos" section of your app.
  • In case you want to upload more photos, click "Unlock more" and choose "Pay" to unlock more uploads. The more uploads you unlock, the more photos you can upload and that usually increases your winning chances.


In case you'll have any kind of questions, make sure to drop us a line to

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