How to get Foap Coins needed to unlock Premium Missions?

Angelika -

It's simple! You can get Foap Coins by watching Video Ads in the Foap app:

  • First, open the menu of the app (by clicking 3 horizontal lines in the top of the screen on Android or by clicking "Menu" button in the bottom right of the screen on iOS). Then click on "Foap Coins" in the top of menu and click "Watch now". Watch the full ad (or part of it if the ad lets you skip it). Each Ad will earn you up to 5 Foap Coins.
  • or simply click "Unlock" once you're on a Premium Mission page, then click "Get Foap Coins" and click "Watch now". Each Ad will earn you up to 5 Foap Coins.


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    Videos Digitales

    he visto varias publicidades y sigo teniendo 0 monedas

    I have seen several ads and I still have 0 coins
    I use google translator since i speak english
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    Thanks for your comment! Could you try reinstalling the app to see if the problem persists? Thanks!

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