How to get a product from Foap Plus Mission?

Angelika -

If you are already a Foap Plus member, you need to apply to a ”Sampled Request” in the Mission section.

1) Find “Sampled Requests” you are interested in. You can see the mission's title, brand, a reward for the winner, and how many spots there are left. Make sure to view the mission page and read the description to make sure it is the right fit for you.



2) Once you are on the Mission’s page, click the ‘Apply” button


3) Confirm your choice


You are all set! The brand will now be able to see your application and view your portfolio.


The brand will select which creators they want to work with. You will be notified via email as well as in-app notifications if you are chosen.

Once you are selected to participate in a mission (Congrats!) you will be provided with a promotional voucher from the brand.

The voucher can be redeemed on the brand’s website, at checkout, just as you would utilize a regular discount code. It will deduct the entire cost of the product as well as shipping so the only cost for you to participate is a piece of your creativity!


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