How to increase my selling chances?

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Various users sell their photos at different times and different amount of time is usually required for each user to sell their first photo on Foap. While the below tips don’t guarantee that you will sell, they’ll surely increase the potential chances of selling your photo on Foap.

Check them out:

1) Make sure to add appropriate caption and as many tags as possible. They should describe what is portrayed on the photo.
The more tags you add the more chances that your photo will be found and bought. Make sure to use ALL of a possible words for describing what's portrayed on your photo.

2) One of the best ways to make your photos better and more attractive to buyers is analyzing the photos which have already been sold in "Sold" tab in the “Explore” section of the app (or on our website under “Trending Images”) and the photos which have won the Missions (winners together with their photos can be found by opening the Mission and clicking "Winner").
Also it's always a good idea to analyze the profiles of people who have won a Mission(s) or sold a photo(s), as they usually have more good photos which can help you increase your own photos’ attractiveness.

3) Uploading to Missions is a good way of selling your photos, because even if you don't win a Mission, the brand that runs it will often purchase a certain amount of photos from that Mission for $10 or $60 each (of which you get $5 or $30). Note that photos are bought for $60 in an exclusive Missions only.

Some of our users have sold up to 10 photos in only one Mission! Essential thing is to upload only high-quality and description-following photos and you'll surely increase your chances of selling.

4) The below links should be helpful as well:

- 6 tips on how to sell on Foap
- Foap photography tutorials on YouTube

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