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Model release is required for all of the photos with recognizable faces. In simple terms, a model release is a document signed by the person that can be recognized in a photo, giving her or his permission to the photographer to use that photo for commercial purposes. Even if the photo is actually depicting the photographer himself (a “selfie”), we still need to have the model release filled in if you want to sell it on Foap.


So where can you find this model release to fill in? Very simple! Just click here! (pdf)

The first part of the document is for the “model” to fill in their data and sign.

The bottom part of the document is for the photographer to fill in and sign.

You can leave the Foap Ref. No. field blank.


There are many ways to fill in the document!

  • You can print it, fill it in, scan it or take a picture of it and sent it to along with your username and what Mission it refers to and our team will review your photos.
  • You can fill it in digitally using an app on your phone or tablet like this one here below and sent it to Check the Model release app for Android or iOS.
  • Also you can fill it using your computer, by entering this link Below you can find the instruction on how to do it correctly:

    1) Click "Upload PDF file" and choose Foap model release PDF file to upload (make sure to download it from the link above to your PC before doing so)

    2) Click on each line you want to fill in in order to begin typing

    3) To add your signature click on the icon showing a pen on the right (1 of 3 small icons in the middle of the screen) and click "New Signature" and then click "Draw". After you draw it click "Save" and add signature to an appropriate place on the document (you can modify your signature size).

    3) Once you finish, click "Apply changes" and click "Download" once the signed PDF is prepared.



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