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Photos with the label “Editorial” can’t be used for selling and marketing purposes. They are mostly used by bloggers, websites editors and people who want their content to appear more interesting by using photos. An “Editorial” license is usually used in cases when you don't have a consent to use the photo in a "Commercial" purposes e.g. you make a photo of rented car or some building which can be recognized but doesn't belong to you, or a crowd where faces can be recognized, but you don't have a model release.


In order to get an "Editorial" license, when answering the legal questions (after uploading a photo):

1) Are there people in this photo? Choose "Yes".
2) Are the faces in this photo recognizable? Choose "Yes".
3) Do you have a permission of people present in this photo to use it for commercial purposes? Choose "No".

Once you've done the steps above, your photo will have an "Editorial" license.

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