Sold a photo - how do I get the money?

Angelika -

Foap uses PayPal to pay the photographers. 

  • To add your PayPal (in the app):

On Android

1) go to the menu in the app and click on the "Settings"

2) once you're there choose "Cash out settings"

3) in "Cash out settings" enter your PayPal email twice, e.g. if your PayPal email is "" then you would have to enter "" in the top field and confirm it by entering the same "" in the bottom field.

On iOS

1) Go to menu of the app and click on “Withdraw money”. 
2) Then click on "Withdraw now" and you should be able to enter your PayPal email there. If you want to change your PayPal email click on the gear icon on the same screen.

  • To withdraw money:

You should see your earnings under "Your sales" (Android) or "Withdraw money" (iOS) tab. If you want to withdraw them, then you should click the "Withdraw now". Note that you have to accumulate at least $5 before you can withdraw money.

The money are usually transferred during first week after one full month passes (e.g. if you click withdraw on June 3rd, then the money will be sent during first week of August, as July would be the full month in this case), as we reserve this time to check all of the data associated with sales.

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    Tizazu Alemayehu

    Can we withdraw our money in different abroad banks?

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    Hello! Currently you can only withdraw the money to PayPal, regardless of the country of origin.

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