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To upload a photo follow the below steps:

1) Make sure to have your account set-up by choosing the "Start Using Foap" and clicking "Create Account" (or connecting your Facebook) option when launching the app for the first time and filling in all of the required information)

2) If you have your account set up and you've already logged in, click on the "camera" icon located in the middle bottom of the screen and you should be able to choose a photo to upload from your phone's gallery (you can upload multiple photos by tapping on the photos you want to add).

3) Once you've done that, add all of the required information (caption, tags, legal questions answers). You can change it later in your "Manage photos" section of the app.

4) Once you've done all of the above steps, your photo is on the Foap market and ready to be bought by anyone.



Note that your photos will only be found by photo buyers on Foap market if you tag them well, with relevant keywords.
To see your photos you have to enter your username into the "Search" tab on the website. If you see your photos, it means that buyers can see it too (and can buy it). 

Note also that the photo’s size has to be at least 1280x960 pixels, otherwise you will not be able upload it to Foap. 



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