Uploading a photo

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Open the app and tap on the Camera icon.
Select a photo from your photo album or take a shot.

You can upload multiple photos at once.


Photos are automatically published on the Market. The same happens with Missions, but you need to start the upload from the Mission screen.

Once a photo is uploaded it receives a Very Low visibility status. You can change it by adding more information about the photo: name and a story behind a photo, relevant tags, answering legal questions and verifying yourself (in the "Manage photos" section). With each of these information the status changes through Low, Good, Excellent to Top Ranked. The status impacts the position in which photo is displayed on the Market or in a Mission.

Note that your photos will only be found by photo buyers on www.foap.com/market if you tag them well, with relevant keywords. To see your photos you have to enter your username into the "Search" tab on the website. If you see your photos, it means that buyers can see it too (and can buy it). 

Note also that the photo’s size has to be at least 1280x960 pixels, otherwise you cannot upload it to Foap. For Getty Missions the minimum resolution is 2048x1536.




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