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Are you experiencing a problem you can't find here? Okay, you know how the tech world can be complex. Let's first try to fix this by troubleshooting. Follow the steps below:

Close the Application


1. Double click on the home button

2. Swipe among the apps until you find Foap

3. Swipe Foap preview page upwards to close it. 


1. Press and hold the home button until the apps that are open become visible

2. Swipe Foap upwards to close it.


Restart your device

Sometimes the solution to a problem lies on starting everything over. 

Switch down you device and turn it on again.


Check your Internet connection 

Be sure that you have Internet connection, by either 3G, 4G, LTE or WiFi. 


Reinstall the app.

Delete the app from your iPhone and download the newest version from App Store.
Delete the app from your Android phone and download the newest version from Play Store.


Does the problem persist? 

If you are still having the same problem after troubleshooting and you can't find the solution here then please, let us know what's happening.

Send an email to and write "New Bug" on the subject line.

Describe in detail the issue you are having so that we will be able to reproduce it. So tell us exactly what you're doing until you get the problem.

Provide us also with the information below:

1. Your device's model

2. The iOS or Android version you have



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