Deleting account - how to?

Andrzej -

Hey! Wait! Are you sure? Why do you want to leave?

Of course you may leave when you wish. But why don’t you give us a second chance?


"Thanks, but no thanks. I really want to close down my account and have all my photos and personal information deleted forever and ever".

Sure! No worries. You break our hearts, but our door remain open and you’ll always be welcome back


To delete your account:

1) Go to the main Menu of the app

  • by clicking 3 horizontal lines in the top left of a screen on Android
  • by clicking 3 horizontal lines saying "Menu" in the bottom right of a screen on iOS

2) Click on "Support"

3) Then click "Delete Account"

4) Make sure to choose a deletion reason and click "DELETE ACCOUNT"

5) Log in to the email you've signed in with and confirm the deletion of your account (you should receive the deletion confirmation email in about half an hour or less).

ATTENTION: If you haven't received it to your main inbox, please make sure to check your "spam" or "junk" inbox, as it may have went there.

6) After you've done all of the steps above your account is deleted.



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    Malvin Joostensz

    thanks, it is help me

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    Katyland Anne

    I can't delet my account cause it wont let me into my account.

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    Greg Dubelko

    you have to download the app to delete account? scam

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